Autumn Inspired Makeup You Will Fall In Love With!

Now we’re heading into the Autumn months, it’s time we give you a stunning Autumn inspired makeup look that you’ll fall in love with! Using some of our gorgeous products and the best techniques, you can recreate this look no matter whether you are a beginner or an MUA. So babe, what are you waiting for? Pick up those brushes and let’s get started on our Autumn inspired makeup look. 

Autumn Inspired Makeup: Let’s Get Those Brows In Shape

As always, let's start by getting those brows in shape. We want a full brow effect for this look, so take our brow pencil and use the ultra-slim tip to mimic the appearance of natural brow hairs. Once you have a dreamy shape, take our Brow Balm on a spooly and comb it upwards through the brows. Then, use the side of the spooly to shape the very top of the hairs for a smooth finish. Within minutes, you have amazing brows that will set you up for the rest of this Autumn inspired makeup look! 

Time To Go In With The Base

Now it’s our favourite part of all, let’s pad a pat pat that base to get ready for the rest of our Autumn inspired makeup! Take one of our bases one or two shades lighter than your skin tone on a #7071 flat brush to prime the eye. You can customise the finish easily here, but for the PLouise look, build up the shades for a full coverage look. This creates the perfect blank canvas for the gorgeous Autumn inspired makeup shades. 

Blend Blend Blend! 

For this Autumn inspired makeup look, we’re going to be using the stunning All I see Is Signs palette. Take your smallest brush, we use #126 flat fluffy smudger brush, and apply the shade Abundance carefully in the crease, using light pressure to simply drop the shadow onto the tacky base. This is going to be your darkest shade in the look, so take your time with this step as it gives you guidance for the rest of the shades. The base will maximise the colour pay off so you just need to concentrate on perfecting your shape. 

Once the shadow is perfectly packed into the crease, take a #120 blending brush with the shade Affirm and use our 50/50 technique. To do this, 50% of the brush should be overlapping the first shade whilst 50% is directly on top of the bare base above. This helps you to soften the edges of the previous shadow whilst intensifying as you’re adding a new layer of dimension above. For beginners especially, this technique simplifies and intensifies for a stunning Autumn inspired makeup look every time. 

The third and final shade we’re going to use for our Autumn inspired makeup look is Talk The Talk, on a #121 blending brush. Using the bristles to blend up towards the brow bone, keep the pressure gentle and keep blending for a seamless finish. Once you are happy with the blend, repeat the same process over again with the same brushes and shadows to make sure each layer is intensified and the colours don’t get lost in eachother. 

The lid should be mostly clear at this point, so it’s time to add a pop of shimmer to bring this Autumn inspired makeup look to life. Take the same base you used to prep the lid using the Acid Reign flat brush and carve out a halo shape. To do this, create a line just above the create across the middle third of the eye. Then, using the same brush, take the base down the middle of the eye, leaving the inner and outer third of the eye clear. Gently pat out the base either side of the eye and start patting using the 50/50 technique down the edges. Don’t go too far across as you want to keep the halo in the centre, but just enough so either side is well blended for the next stage. 

Finally, using a clean Acid Reign flat brush, take the shade Inspire all over where you have just applied the base, making sure that the edges blend seamlessly into the shadows you’ve already applied. The tackiness of the base will help the pigmented shimmer to really shine, creating a gorgeous Autumn inspired makeup look that will get heads turning for all the right reasons. 

To finish the look, take Affirm on the #122 short smudger brush and apply it on the lower lash line, blending it down slightly for a gorgeous diffused look. Using a #125 angled liner brush, apply Abundance from the middle to outer edge of the eye to add definition. Finally, on a small brush, take Higher Power and highlight the inner corner for a gorgeous, warm finish to this Autumn inspired makeup look. Apply a killer pair of lashes and your eyes are all done!

Finish The Autumn Inspired Makeup Look With A Flawless Base!

Now that you’ve got your eyes looking amazing, it’s time to finish your look with a flawless base using your favourite face makeup products. Once your foundation, contour, concealer and powder is all in place, go in with your bronzer. For your blush, take our coloured base in the shade Pretentious Peach and blend it with a sponge from the apple of the cheeks up across the top of the cheekbone. The stunning orange hues will tie in perfectly with the warmth in the Autumn inspired makeup look we’ve achieved so far. 

Using a Flat Angled face brush, take Higher Power across the very top of the cheekbones, across the top of your lip, on the brow bones and on the bridge of the nose. This will give such a gorgeous glow that will complete the whole look! 

Let’s keep it simple with the lips by taking the PLouise lip base in Solo Nude for an understated finish to this glam Autumn inspired makeup look. 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to Autumn inspired makeup, it doesn’t get much better than this! With a stunning, warm eye makeup look, flawless base and simple lip, this is a look you can wear anywhere, anytime this Autumn. For any advice on our Autumn inspired makeup look or any others, get in touch through our socials and we are always there to support you babe, every step of the way. 

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