How To Make Lips Look Fuller In 3 Simple Steps!

We’re back again babe, this time with the ultimate guide on how to make lips look fuller in 3 simple steps! There are plenty of long and confusing lip routines out there that take hours, so we’ve simplified things to help you get that perfect pout in a matter of minutes. These quick and easy hacks will have you looking and feeling amazing in no time. Knowing how to make lips look fuller is so simple with PLouise!

Step 1 in How To Make Lips Look Fuller: Exfoliate and Keep Them Hydrated

The first step in our guide on how to make lips look fuller is to keep them hydrated. Start with an exfoliating scrub to smooth those beautiful lips and to remove any dry skin. This extra step is definitely worth it and can make all the difference when it comes to applying your products. Look for a product that contains natural ingredients or create your own with a mixture of sugar and honey! 

Once your lips are beautifully buffed, go in with a hydrating lip product. Look for a product that contains SPF to maintain collagen levels and to protect the skin. You should also look for Vitamin E, Shea Butter or Hyaluronic Acid, as these will all help to prevent drying that can make the lips look smaller than they actually are. When it comes to knowing how to make lips look fuller, a good base will make a big difference babe! Make these steps a part of your skincare routine and it will soon become second nature. 

Step 2 in How To Make Lips Look Fuller: Overline With A Lip Liner

Next up, it's time to overline the lips with a lip liner. Lip liner is a key step in how to make lips look fuller, so start by choosing a lip liner shade that is similar to your lip colour, as this will help with the illusion of larger lips whilst maintaining a natural finish. Choose a slightly creamy formula to make sure the skin isn’t tugged, as this is when it can start to look less natural. 

The best way to naturally make lips look fuller is to overline the lips slightly. Starting in the corners of the lips, overline just below where the natural lip line is. Some people like a more clear overline, in which case take it slightly further down. Work your way around the lips with a focus on the cupids bow, as this is where you can really make those lips pop! Once you are happy with the outline, bring the liner in slightly whilst blending it in to create a feather effect so that your liner blends seamlessly with the rest of the product that is yet to come. 

Practice makes perfect babe, but you’ll get there and find the look that works for you. How to make lips look fuller is a slightly different process for everyone! 


Step 3 in How To Make Lips Look Fuller: Choose A Hydrating Lip Base

Now that the hard work is done, it’s time for the fun bit! The final step in knowing how to make lips look fuller is to choose the right hydrating lip base. The perfect formula to finish a full lip look is something hydrating and creamy. This will make sure that the product glides on effortlessly without drying the lips. A lip base is perfect for this. Take your product and apply it over the lips, staying slightly away from where you have overlined. Rub the lips together gently or use a small brush to make sure the liquid lipstick is blended into the liner. 

To keep a natural look with a gorgeous blend, go for a shade two shades darker than your liner colour. Semi-Nude or Solo Nude are super dreamy for this! For something more bold, now is the time for colour! For a bright summer lip, go with our shade Devour. You can’t beat a classic red, so give our true-tone Left On Red a go. Whatever colour you choose, apply thin layers to prevent cracking and you will have kissable lips all day long babe! 


Final Thoughts

Learning how to make lips look fuller has never been easier. As long as you exfoliate, hydrate, overline and use a hydrating lip base, you will get the full pout you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re looking for a natural look or something more bold, our guide on how to make lips look fuller will have you covered babe! For more help on how to perfect this look, head over to our socials for support from our team. We’re always one step behind you to help you arrive at destination success, including teaching you how to make lips look fuller.


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