How To Properly Clean Makeup Brushes!

We’re all guilty of leaving it slightly too long between cleaning our makeup brushes, but we all should be cleaning our brushes at least every two weeks, or once a week for our foundation and concealer brushes and sponges. Of course, as an MUA, your brushes will need to be cleaned between every client. 

It is hard to create that perfect makeup look when your brushes aren’t clean, so PLouise is here to teach you how to properly clean makeup brushes! It won’t take you long at all and it will make sure that you are looking after your skin, preventing breakouts and creating the dream look that you are capable of. 

Step 1 of How To Properly Clean Makeup Brushes: Choose The Right Soap

The first step in learning how to properly clean makeup brushes is to choose the right soap. You need something that is antibacterial to give them a deep clean. There are plenty of different options on the market, although a bar works well as you can really work the soap into the brush. Look for something gentle, as these brushes will be used on your face after all! Choosing the right soap is an essential step in knowing how to properly clean makeup brushes. 

Step 2 of How To Properly Clean Makeup Brushes: Start Cleaning

Next up in our guide on how to properly clean makeup brushes, it’s time to start cleaning! Wet each brush with lukewarm water, trying to avoid where the bristles are attached to the handle as this can make the glue loose and can reduce the lifespan of your brushes. 

Once they are damp, take your bar of soap and use a swirling motion to allow the soap to get between the bristles and remove any product. If you are using liquid soap, place a small amount in your hand and use the same swirling motion! Give the brush a quick rinse and you will be able to see whether it is clean or if you need to repeat the process. 

You will probably find that doing this once is enough for eyeshadow or powder brushes, but for brushes used for liquid products like foundation, bases or paints, you will probably need to repeat this step 2 or 3 times to remove all the product deep down in the brush. You may need to use your fingers to gently rub the bristles for really stubborn products. 

Once you are sure that your brush is clean, give it a really good rinse to remove any soap. Repeat this entire process with the rest of your brushes! The hardest part of learning how to properly clean makeup brushes is out the way, so now it’s time to let them dry. 

Step 3 of How To Properly Clean Makeup Brushes: Let Them Dry

The third and final step in learning how to properly clean makeup brushes is to let them properly dry. After you have rinsed them, use a clean towel or flannel and buff the bristles gently to remove any excess water. Then, place your brushes on another clean towel in a dry area, like under a radiator. Make sure they are spread out so that they dry quickly! Before packing them away, allow them to fully dry to prevent any damage. Leaving them for around 24 hours after they have been washed should be enough! After this, you’re all done. You know they will be ready to pack away so that you can get straight back to levelling up your glam game. 


Final Thoughts

Knowing how to properly clean makeup brushes is so important, as it can completely transform how your makeup looks and how healthy your skin is. Cleaning your entire collection won’t take more than 15 minutes, so it is definitely worth investing your time so you can reap the benefits every day when you are getting glam. 

Remember babe, your future is bright and no matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you may progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying. 

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