Learn How To Do Soap Brows At Home with P.Louise!

Fluffy yet defined brows are all the trend at the minute, so we’re here to teach you how to do soap brows at home! Many people think it is impossible to achieve a laminated brow effect at home, but here at PLouise, we believe anything is possible. So, we have created a brand new product that will help you know exactly how to do soap brows at home in a matter of seconds. Prepare to achieve your dream brows babe!

How To Do Soap Brows At Home - It’s All About The Balm

If you are struggling to hack the fluffy brow trend, we’re here to teach you how to do soap brows at home babe. The first step in learning how to do soap brows at home is choosing the right product. Here at PLouise, we have never found the perfect brow product that achieves a laminating effect, so we created our PLouise Brow Balm. Unlike other brow balm products, no activation is needed and a little goes a very long way, so it is super simple to use and will last ages! 

Our brow balm comes with a spoolie, so knowing how to do soap brows at home couldn’t be easier, as you have everything you need in our perfect package. Once you are happy with how it looks, no setting is required, and your brows will look flawless all day long!


Time To Get Shaping!

Now you’ve got a dreamy product, it’s time to teach you how to do soap brows at home. Start by taking the spoolie that comes with the brow balm and take a very small amount of the balm on the brush. The soft, creamy texture means that very little product is needed for perfect results. 

Take the brush and repeatedly brush the product through the brows in the direction you desire. We suggest using an upward stroke for the front of the brows, with more diagonal motions throughout the body and tail of the brow. Continue to brush the spoolie through the brow until you reach your desired finish! See, we told you learning how to do soap brows at home would be a breeze babe. 

Once all of the hairs are brushed upwards, shape the top of the brow with the edge of the spoolie for a sharp finish, or leave it as it is for a more fluffy finish. If you want to add more definition to the brow, take our #125 angled liner brush and apply very thin strokes of our eyebrow paints to create thin hair strokes. 

Now we’ve taught you how to do soap brows at home with our PLouise Brow Balm, it’s time to finish the look and carve out that brow!

Carve Out That Brow

The final stage in learning how to do soap brows at home is to carve out that brow. Take our #7071 Flat Brush with our base and use the side of the brush for full control when carving out the underneath of the brow. This helps to give the brow more structure, a desirable shape and also a longer tail. You can build up the desired coverage with our base and remove unwanted brow hair and pigmentation. 

Now that you’ve carved out your brows, you’re ready to take on the world babe! 

Final Thoughts

Learning how to do soap brows at home has never been easier! The truth is, it’s all in the product. With our brow balm, you will create an invisible sleek finish that delivers maximum hold in seconds. We always have your back at PLouise, so if you need any help or want more information on how to do soap brows at home, get in touch through our socials babe. Your dream brows are just seconds away and we will be behind you every step of the way! 


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