Spice Things Up With Our Hot Pink Eyeshadow Look!

Hey babe! So, we’re back with another killer tutorial and this time it's our hot pink eyeshadow look! Perfect for Summer, birthday’s or just your average Saturday, this look will get heads turning for all the right reasons. It’s bright, beautiful and will give you a chance to show off your glam game. 

Get those brushes ready babe, because with our hot pink eyeshadow look, you’re about to go on an adventure! 

Get Ready For Our Hot Pink Eyeshadow Look - Prime That Eye! 

For our hot pink eyeshadow look, let's get started with the PLouise base. Choose a base that is a couple of shades lighter than your skin and take a #7071 Flat Brush to pad a pat pat pat that product onto the eye. This will prime the eye beautifully, and remember you can customise your own coverage when it comes to the base. For the PLouise Finish, simply build up your layers for a completely opaque finish. You’re destined for success with this hot pink eyeshadow look when you have that dream base. 

It’s Time To Go In With Those Shadows

Now that your eyes are prepped and ready for the rest of the hot pink eyeshadow look, it’s time for shadows. For this look, we’re using our Stack Em Up Palette in Smoney Tones, packed full of vibrant pinks with a creamy consistency to achieve that boujee blend. 

When it comes to blending, the first colour is the most important. This helps to build up the structure so that you have the shape for the rest of the blends to follow. Start by taking Rich Energy with our #121 Blending Brush and use gentle circle motions to blend seamlessly from the crease up towards the brow bone. For this hot pink eyeshadow look, we want to focus on the entire area from just under the front of the brow right back to the tail. Avoid the lid as much as possible as this point, we’re looking to build and blend just between the crease and brow. This is to make sure we have room for the rest of our killer colours! On a #122 Short Smudger Brush, take the shade Interest to brighten that under eye. Get ready to take our hot pink eyeshadow look to another level!

Next up, with our #120 Blending Brush, take Investment and blend blend blend those edges to infinity and beyond! We want those colours to be diffused, so keep blending until you’ve got that seamless look. We want a gradual fade from our shadows for this hot pink eyeshadow look, so this first blend will take time. The higher the blend towards the brow bone, the fluffier we need our blending brush to be, so the super fine and fluffy bristles on this brush are ideal. 

Now with our smaller #124 Blending Brush, take No Limits to deepen that crease, an essential step to give this hot pink eyeshadow look some depth. Keep this precisely in the crease to begin with, before gently blending upwards very slightly for that seamless blend. Here we are deepening the colour in our crease, so don’t take it too far upwards. You are looking for an opaque colour pay off here, but we don’t want harsh lines, so don’t be afraid to go back in with those softer shadows up towards the brow bone to get that diffused effect. 

If you’re not seeing results instantly, don’t worry, as we are all flowers that take time to blossom into the boss babes we are meant to be! Blending takes time, especially with a hot pink eyeshadow look, so be patient and you will reap the benefits. 

Cut That Crease With Our Paints! 

Now babe, it’s time to cut that crease. Take our Acid Reign Paint in the shade Raver with the PLouise #7071 Flat Brush and carve out that crease just below where you have applied the darkest colour shadow. This is usually above where your natural crease is! Once you are happy with the shape, bring the paint down over the rest of your eyelid. Our eye paints dry matte in 60 seconds and will stay in place all day. No shadows are needed on top and you have a gorgeous finish! This is what takes our hot pink eyeshadow look to another level.

Although you don’t need shadows, we’re just going to finish the look with some sparkle. Take our #7072 Flat Brush and the shade Profit from the same palette and cover that lid to take your glam game to a new level. This gorgeous shimmer works perfectly with the opaque pink paint underneath. Take that same shade on a fluffy brush and highlight your brow bone and the inner corner. Don’t forget add a pair of fluffy lashes!


Finish The Look With Liner 

To finish the hot pink eyeshadow look, take some low tack sticky tape and stick it diagonally from the outer corner of your eye to just below the tail of the brow. This will help you to get sharp lines without the fall out. Start with a #125 Angled Liner Brush and apply No Limits along the tape to create a smokey wing and then bring this down the lash line. Then go in with the #122 Short Smudger Brush and blend it out for a gorgeous smokey liner. Remove the tape and you will have a stunning liner with minimal effort to finish off our hot pink eyeshadow look!

Final Thoughts 

So, there you go babe! A gorgeous hot pink eyeshadow look that’s perfect for any occasion. We have plenty more where this came from, so if you want to learn more looks with plenty of different resources to make you an expert, check out our online courses. We’ve got your back babe, so keep grafting to get it done! Do something today that your future self will thank you for and never give up on your dream.


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