The Ultimate List of Makeup Terms For Beginners!

At PLouise, we’re behind you every step of the way, whether you’re a beginner or you’re on your way to becoming a professional. Sometimes in the world of makeup, it can be hard to differentiate between all the different terms out there, so we have put together the ultimate list of makeup terms for beginners. From carving the brow to lip bases and pad a pat patting, we’re here to teach you with our list of makeup terms that you can keep coming back to babe! 

Our List of Makeup Terms For Beginners


A base refers to anything that creates a perfect blank canvas for the rest of your makeup. At PLouise, we specialise in multi-use Eye Bases, that help your eye makeup go on flawlessly so you can create magic. Our bases also help your Eyeshadows to really pop, making every look more vivid and vibrant. 


Next up in our list of makeup terms is blending. This refers to applying any element of your makeup in circular motions to leave an even and stunning finish. Foundation needs to be blended properly to help it last well on the skin and to give an even finish, eyeshadow needs to be blended to remove any harsh lines and contour needs to be well blended to avoid anything looking cakey. The key to blending is patience, take your time and good things will come to you babe. 

Brow Balm

A brow balm is designed to help you achieve Soap Brows At Home. Many brow balms that are currently on the market need to be activated, take ages to set or don’t last all day, so we created a formula that gives long lasting and natural results in seconds. For fluffy yet structured brows, a Brow Balm is for you. Out of all the items on our list of makeup terms, a brow balm is a must!


Brow Gel

Our next item on the list of makeup terms is brow gel. This is slightly different to the brow balm, as rather than creating a sleek and laminated effect, a Brow Gel helps to achieve a slightly more natural look whilst also filling in sparse areas. You have all the control, so you can shape and tame those brows in a few seconds. 

Brow Pencil 

Another slightly different product in our list of makeup terms is a Brow Pencil. These are designed to create the appearance of natural, individual brow hairs to add optimum definition. This is easily buildable and is the best way to establish the shape you desire. Many people like to pair their brow pencil with a brow gel to get the definition they want whilst also setting it naturally, which our Oh So Browtiful Sets are ideal for. 

Carve The Brow

You have probably heard about carving your brows all across the makeup world, so it has to be included in our list of makeup terms. When you hear someone saying they are carving the brow, it is referring to the process of using a Flat Brush and an Eyeshadow Base to create a defined line underneath the eyebrow. This helps to elongate the brow and remove any unwanted hairs or pigmentation. If you don’t already carve the brow, it will transform your makeup game! 


Next up in our list of makeup terms for beginners we have contour. This refers to any type of makeup technique that aims to enhance or sculpt part of the face or body. Concealing the undereye with a light concealer, using a base shade darker than your skin tone to define your cheekbones or using highlighter on the cheekbones can all be considered as contouring. 


When you apply eyeshadow without a primer, or even without a good one, often a line develops where the eye naturally creases. This is referred to as creasing which is the next item in our list of makeup terms, and everyone in the makeup industry works very hard to avoid it! To do this, apply a good quality Eyeshadow Primer with a thick and creamy consistency that creates a perfect base for your products. 


Our next item in the list of makeup terms for beginners is lashes! When someone refers to Lashes, they usually mean false eyelashes, which are applied to enhance the look of the natural eyelashes with length, volume, fluffiness or all three. There are plenty of different styles out there to help you find your dream lashes babe! 


Lip Base

Now onto Lip Bases! A lip base refers to a liquid lipstick that is designed to be very long lasting. Usually only a small amount is required and they are highly pigmented. The PLouise lip base is made with a super hydrating formula to prevent cracking. The benefit of lip bases over lipstick is that they usually last much longer!


Pad A Pat Pat

Now, would it be a PLouise list of makeup terms if we didn’t include our pad a pat pat? When we refer to pad a pat patting, we are talking about gently patting your brush over your eye base for a smooth finish that will last all day. Doing that pad a pat pat makes a big difference in how your makeup looks and lasts! 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it babe! The ultimate list of makeup terms for beginners that you can keep coming back to. The makeup world can be a confusing place, but we are here to support you every step of the way. Our products are all designed for any level, from beginners to pros, so we are truly a brand for the people! Whatever you need babe, we’re right by your side. 

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