P. Louise Cosmetics

P.Louise Base Vault

The rumour is true babe.. Introducing the P.Louise Base Vault. Unlock the vault to access the ‘concealed’ gems that have been designed & formulated to take your artistry skills to pro status at the squeeze of a tube. The ‘Base Vault’ contains the original P.Louise seven and four additional shades, developed and tested by the Queen of The Base herself and international artist and influencer ‘Tailor Made Jane’. We invite you to take our key to success and enter the P.Louise Base Vault to unlock your true potential as an artist. Many try to conceal their tricks of the trade to prevent others from growing, but babe, there are no secrets here. We want to encourage, support and lift you as an artist and give you the tools to showcase your work. Trust the process babe.. You’ve got this. P.LOUISE BASE VAULT INCLUDES: Base Shade 0 Base Shade 0.5 Base Shade 1 Base Shade 2 Base Shade 3 Base Shade 4 Base Shade 5 Base Shade 6 Base Shade 7 Base Shade 8 Base Shade 11

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