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P.Louise #124 Blending Brush


Our #124 brush is a small detailer brush that is the perfect for going in with your first & darkest blend. It’s small, triangular yet fluffy bristles make it perfect for precision blending and getting into those difficult smaller socket areas of the eye. This brush ensures that your blend is kept structured, clean & so seamless all at the same time. We created this babe just for you! The brushes unique shape is thin towards the pinched area of the handle and flared towards the end of the brush bristles which is perfect for the perfect product placement. It’s flat face and curved edges is specially made for making it so easy to build up that shadow quickly whilst still maintaining that soft pressure which is essential when using our famous dump and blending technique. 

- Vegan

Please note: You may receive this brush in our limited edition Cancelled Collection packaging or stay in line pink packaging. 


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P.Louise #124 Blending Brush


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