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P.Louise #126 Flat Fluffy Smudger Brush

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Ever had that horrible crack when setting your lid with shadows? Well say good bye to creasing thanks to our our insane #126 luxury smokey smudger brush! This dense but soft brush is the perfect medium sized brush brush created for packing on eye shadows, shimmers or pigments onto the lid to secure them into place me. Our #126 brush is a flat paddled shape that delivers the most intense high level coverage for any kind of eye work or sultry smokey eye. Not only is our brush amazing for s this type of application it fits perfectly under the eye with its softly rounded edges designed to seamlessly smoke out any shadows building them up to perfection giving you the best colour pay off. 

Please note: You may receive this brush in our limited edition Cancelled Collection packaging or stay in line pink packaging. 


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P.Louise #126 Flat Fluffy Smudger Brush


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