P. Louise Cosmetics

P.Louise Coloured Eye Base

Color: Hint of Mint

Our Plouise Coloured Eye Bases have been designed to inject flashes of colour into your eye makeup in the simplest way.

With vivid pigment in every shade, allow our coloured eye based to help your looks take centre stage.

Helping to further intensify shadows to make them pop with added vibrancy and vividness.

Formulated with a thick and creamy consistency a seamless application.

The Plouise Base is also a multi-use product, perfect for a variety of techniques.

It can be used to:

– Cut the crease

– Prime the lid

– Carve the brow

– Brighten up your under-eye

– In the waterline

– As lip and body art

– As cream contour

It’s time to join the Plouise hype.

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