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P.Louise Skin - All Face No Filter Set


Texture Treatment. We already know your makeup game is hella’ flawless babe, but it has to come off eventually to showcase your true beauty. Allow our ‘Texture Treatment’ to instantaneously melt away your makeup to unveil radiant and glowing skin. With gentle exfoliating properties to soothe and refine any skin texture you may have, be prepared for rejuvenated and revitalised skin babe.

Dreamy&Dewy. Because glowing skin is always in babe - With anti-inflammatory assets and complex-boosting properties for a youthful glow, Plouise Dreamy&Dewy moisturiser is set to be your new best friend. Transforming your skin from dull to dramatic instantly with an ultra-emollient finish for youth-enhancing luminosity. Take any dryness anyway with our moisture-surging formula to ensure your skin is left looking refreshed and ready.

Eye Toning. They do say, the eyes are the window to the soul. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, its more important that your under-eye stays bright and toned for a gorgeous glare every day. Our eye-toning treatment has been specifically developed to address the conditions of dark circles and puffiness within your eye area. With moisturising phytopeptides to improve skin firmness for a radiating shine, allow for your under-eye to be protected, smoothed and nurtured babe. For a visible reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, ‘eye-toning’ is your new go-to for a stare that makes you unmissable. Dermatologically tested.


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P.Louise Skin - All Face No Filter Set


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