How To Apply Eyeshadow For Beginners!

Learning how to apply eyeshadow for beginners is easy with PLouise! There are plenty of guides out there that use many different products and complicated techniques, but we keep it simple to help you get flawless results every time. From prepping the eye ready for shadows all the way through to adding your shimmery pigment, we’ve got you covered every step of the way babe. So, let’s learn how to apply eyeshadow for beginners! 

How To Apply Eyeshadow For Beginners Step 1: Create The Perfect Base

The first and most important step when it comes to knowing how to apply eyeshadow for beginners is to create the perfect base. When you spend time on the base, it will help your shadows to perform so much better, and they will stay in place all day long. Using an amazing base will completely transform your makeup look, trust us babe! 

To do this, use a #7071 flat brush, take one of our bases one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Pat the base across the eyelid, covering the entire lid and blending the edges out using a fluffy brush to diffuse the product. Keep building the layers until you achieve a full coverage look! When you are working towards a dramatic look, it’s best to go in with a full coverage base. For a more simple look, apply the entire base with a fluffy brush for a more sheer finish. Prepare to say goodbye to unwanted texture, pigmentation or unwanted brow hairs for a blank canvas! 

How To Apply Eyeshadow For Beginners Step 2: Time For Your Shadows

Next up, it’s time to go in with the eyeshadows. The most important thing to remember when learning how to apply eyeshadow for beginners is that the first shade is the most important, so take your time. The first shadow choice should be your darkest and deepest shade with your smallest brush, helping you to be super accurate with the darker product placement. For example, if we were using the Smoney Tones palette, this shade would be No Limits. Direct this carefully in the crease to create structure. At PLouise, we dump and blend shadows, meaning we build up the pigmentation by dumping the shadow off the brush into its correct position on the lid whilst being super soft with the pressure. This is a key step when learning how to apply eyeshadow for beginners, as it allows the rest of the blends to follow its lead. 

Following this, we rely on the next lighter shadow and a fluffy brush to blend the shadow out for us and diffuse the previous stage. Back to the Smoney Tones palette, this would be the shade $money Tones or Interest. Follow the same shape that you created with the darker shadow and use larger circular motions and a very soft pressure to drag the blend further outwards towards the outer eye and upwards towards the brow bone. 

We use a 50/50 technique at PLouise, meaning that 50% of the brush is on the shadows you have already placed and 50% of the brush is on the blank base where you are yet to apply shadows. This allows the shadows to merge seamlessly and create a gorgeous transition everytime! Remember, we barely touch the skin, which is the reason we get such amazing colour pay off. 

Repeat this exact same process with an even larger fluffy brush and your lightest shade (Investment or Rich Energy in the Smoney Tones palette), taking the product right up to the brow bone. Really pulling the lighter shade into the brow will not only be more flattering but it will give a lighter, more blended finish. This will make sure that no colour layers are lost in the process and your eyeshadows won’t be overblended, a common mistake when learning how to apply eyeshadow for beginners. These shadows will be poppin’ and blended together like butter! 

If you are struggling to choose shades that will transition together nicely, practice on the back of your hand so you get it perfect the first time when you move onto the eyes. This simplifies the process to intensify the outcome, a key piece of advice when it comes to learning how to apply eyeshadow for beginners. 

How To Apply Eyeshadow For Beginners Step 3: Create The Spotlight Eye

Finally babe, it’s time to finish the look by creating a spotlight eye. When you use the technique above to learn how to apply eyeshadow for beginners, the middle section should be relatively clean, so you can create a gorgeous statement in the centre of the eye. Take one of our coloured bases in the middle of the eye to create a halo effect. To do this, use a small flat brush to create a thin line just above the crease of the eye in the middle third and then bring the base down towards the centre of the lash line, creating an upside down triangle shape. Blend out either side of the shape gently using the same brush to diffuse the base and create the perfect sticky base for your shimmer. 

On top of this base, take your shimmery shadow with a compact flat brush. This will give you a surreal shine! Finally, to finish off the look, take a combination of the darker and medium shades used on the eyes on the bottom lash line with a #122 short smudger brush. This will create balance with the shadows on the eyelid and create a smokey effect that is so easy to achieve, even if you are only just learning how to apply eyeshadow for beginners. 

Final Thoughts 

So, who knew learning how to apply eyeshadow for beginners could be so easy? Practice makes perfect babe, but we’re here to support you every step of your journey through our socials! The best tip we can give is to invest in good makeup brushes, as this can make all the difference. Don't give up, as we rarely get things perfect the first time, but with this guide on how to apply eyeshadow for beginners, we’re making things easier. 

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