The Best Minimalist Skincare Routine With P.Louise!

Hey babe! So, we all know skincare can get confusing at times, so we’re taking things back to basics with our minimalist skincare routine. There are so many products out there that it can be difficult to know where to start, but after reading this, you’re set to find your dream routine. At PLouise, we’re all about that dewy and glowy skin, and no matter your skin type, we’ve got you covered! Get ready to reach destination dream skin with our minimalist skincare routine babe. 

Start Your Minimalist Skincare Routine with a Texture Treatment

There is nothing better than taking your makeup off after a long day to showcase your natural beauty. But babe, it is essential that you have the right product. We developed our Texture Treatment to melt away all your troubles and your makeup. This product can also be used in the morning to gently exfoliate and clean the face, creating a smooth base for your makeup. 

Start your minimalist skincare routine with our Texture Treatment and use the brush to apply the cleanser all over the face, avoiding getting it in your eyes! Leave it for around a minute and then use your hands to gently work the product into the skin. This will help your makeup to melt away without any trouble, even waterproof products like our Colourful Paints! Then, wipe all your troubles away using the muslin cloths that come in your kit. This will also help to exfoliate the skin at the same time, helping to create a smooth and refined texture.

Start your minimalist skincare routine with our texture treatment and half of the hard work is already done babe. Now that your skin is clean and glowing, it’s time to get it hydrated! 

Lets Get Hydrated! 

The next stage in our minimalist skincare routine is to go in with our Dreamy and Dewy Moisturiser. This formula contains anti-inflammatory and complex-boosting properties to give you that gorgeous flow and hydrated finish. We all struggle with dull skin at times, which is why we made sure our product makes a real difference when it comes to skin luminosity. 

Take a small pump of the moisturiser and gently rub it over the face and neck. You will feel hydrated and radiant all day long! You deserve to have confidence in your skin and our moisturiser will help you to do that. Whether you are putting your moisturiser on in the morning before applying makeup, or in the evening to help rehydrate the skin, we’ve got you covered babe. One product does it all, making it a dreamy addition to your minimalist skincare routine. 

Time To Tone Those Eyes!

The final step in our minimalist skincare routine is to apply an eye cream. Many people think they are too young to start using an eye cream, but our age defence formula helps to brighten and tone the eye at any age! Our Eye Toning Eye Cream has a gentle formula that is protecting and nurturing, as we know how delicate the eye area is. 

Whether you are looking to tone or brighten, this product is a key part of your minimalist skincare routine. The moisturising phytopeptides help to improve skin firmness, making that makeup go on so much easier. It can also help with puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Say bye-bye to those fine lines and say hello to bright and beautiful eyes!

Final Thoughts

We all deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin, which is why we created the PLouise Skincare range. With a formula to suit every skin type, prepare to glow and get those dreams! Feel refreshed and ready every morning and soothed every night with our minimalist skincare routine. As always, if you need guidance, get in touch with us through our socials. We’ve got you babe. 

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