Keep Things Hot With Our Sunset Eye Makeup Look!

Hey babe! So, we’re back with one of our killer looks. As we’re in the middle of a heat wave, it only seems right to go with something hot, so prepare yourselves for our sunset eye makeup look! With the perfect balance of shimmer and gorgeous warm shadows, this is your dream summer look. From weddings to parties or brunch with the girls, you can’t go wrong with our sunset eye makeup look. So, let’s get started hunnies!

Where To Start With Our Sunset Eye Makeup Look

So babe, let's get started with our brows. Take the PLouise brow balm and use the spooly to brush a small amount of product through the brows, continuing to comb through until you achieve your desired finish! Fluffy brows are perfect for this sunset eye makeup look, so you can’t beat our Brow Balm. 

Now it’s time to take our Mirror Mirror Flat Brush and choose a slightly lighter eye base shade than your skin tone. Start to carve out the brow from underneath to achieve the shape of your dreams and begin to apply the base onto your eyelid. Don’t forget to pada pat pat that base to perfection (take a look at our Guide To Makeup Terms to find out what we mean) to create the perfect blank canvas for your look. This is a must in any makeup look, not just our sunset eye makeup look! 

Don’t forget to diffuse out the inner and outer corner of the eye with the base, as this is key to our sunset eye makeup look. As the base is so full coverage, if you don’t blend out the edges slightly at the beginning, it can be difficult to blend the foundation. So, a quick blend on either side will make sure your look is flawless. 

You’ve got the perfect eye base, so let's bring this sunset eye makeup look to life! 


Time To Choose Your Palette Babe!

For this gorgeous sunset eye makeup look, we’re going in with the Secret Sinner Palette by PLouise. This gorgeous, warm and sexy palette is ideal for this summer look. Using our PLouise #121 Blending Brush, take a small amount of Fling and start to blend from the crease up towards the brow bone. The large bristles on the brush help anyone to blend their shadows seamlessly thanks to the super soft bristles. You will get the perfect blend in seconds, which is ideal for our sunset eye makeup look! Continue to build and blend until you have a stunning warm crease. Take Dreamy across and above where you have blended Fling, to bring additional warmness and an orange tone to your sunset eye makeup look. 

Using the slightly smaller #124 Blending Brush, go in with Infatuation precisely in the crease, blending very slightly down towards either side of the eye to create a gorgeous rounded effect. Apply a small amount of Addicted over the top to create depth, whilst continuing to blend for a seamless finish. Make sure to leave a spotlight in the middle of the eye to prepare for the metallic base that is coming next, to create that stunning sunset eye makeup look! 


Get Those Metallic Bases Out

Time to add some light to your sunset eye makeup look babe! Take our metallic base in shade Hooked Up and apply it across the lid using our #126 Flat Fluffy Smudger Brush. This will help you to apply the product seamlessly across the spotlight you have left and when you push the metallic base into the shadows around it, you will achieve a seamless finish. 

Next up in our sunset eye makeup look, go in with our metallic base in Extra AF. To do this, use the same #126 flat fluffy smudger brush and apply the base in the centre of the eye to achieve an ombre look. Our bases are self setting, so you don’t need to worry about setting or cracking. However babe, be patient with our bases. For the best finish, apply a thin layer of the base onto the centre of the eye and allow it to dry fully, before repeating to achieve your desired effect.

Finally for our sunset eye makeup look, take our You’re Glowin’ metallic base using our #122 Short Smudger Brush and apply this in the very centre of the eye to achieve a complete wet illusion and high shine finish. Avoid using a flat brush here, as you want a precise finish. If you notice the bases going slightly crusty, this will be because the first layer was not fully dry before the next was added. We want this sunset eye makeup look to be perfect, so be patient babe and good things will come to you. 


Final Thoughts

For a dreamy summer look, you can’t beat our sunset eye makeup look. Gorgeous and glowy with that added bit of spice, this will soon become your go to babe! We have plenty more where this came from, so keep your eyes peeled and prepare to be inspired. 

Thank you for your support, it never goes unnoticed at PLouise and we love you endlessly.


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